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Enter and experience the realm of beauty in a crypto game that inspires and transforms. The greatest mission of a Moran is to become.

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How it all started

The Morans Origins

It was an age of prosperity and abundance. They were content, happy and fulfilled in their realm of existence. It would all be perfect and everyone would live in harmony and peace, had it not been for a tragic event that changed the course of their lives.

They spoke of a legend, tales of an evil being, creeping, lurking behind the shadows. Watching, waiting patiently for the perfect time to strike. This legend passed down from generation to generation. A story soon forgotten amidst their time of surplus.

An event that would forever change their lives was about to befall them. It happened, in the blink of an eye, all was lost. Nothing could have prepared the people of Moran for the coming doom. It was an onslaught. All that was left were pieces.

The legend had now become their reality. A spell had been cast. And evil was about to reign. Their life as they knew it now cascaded in chaos. And soon after, their identity was long forgotten….

About Us

We are a platform that offers a community of artists, creatives, gamers and collectors from all over the world with an opportunity to experience and share in the beauty, richness and diversity of Africa.

We have a purpose and a vision; To promote a positive and rich narrative of the true beauty of Africa by engaging the world using Digital Art, NFTs and Crypto Games.

Our Mission

We set up pixel morans as a platform that will aid as many to see and experience the beauty of the Kingdom of God expressed in the people and landscapes of Africa.

At the core is our hope to inspire folks to look into their inner self to discover and realize the seed of potential that lies within, while enabling them to share it with the world.

The ultimate mission of a Moran is to BECOME.

Behind the scenes

The Dream Team

Moran Community/Marketing Lead
Nemayan Admin/Operations Lead
Lemiso Dev/Blockchain Lead
Mayiani Content Lead
Behind the scenes

The Roadmap

Launch Moran Masks

Cattle Morans Collection

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